Saturday, October 1, 2016 IMBA will celebrate its thirteenth-annual Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day (TKMBD) on Saturday, October 1, 2016. This is a great opportunity for you to share your passion for pedaling with kids! What is Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day? TKMBD, developed and coordinated by IMBA, strives to encourage communities around Read More →
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By: Richard La China | USAC Certified Cycling Coach “Preparation” is a simple concept, yet one that is often forgotten by cyclists—either accidentally or on-purpose—and eschewed for something “easier”: a lighter frame, carbon wheels, a new supplement, time in a CVAC pod. Certainly, those things are helpful, but without a good, trained engine, they are Read More →
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By: Aaron Lucy | Lead Skills Instructor One of my favorite components of a good Ready Position is riding with a low, flat torso. We humans (most of us anyway) have a natural tendency to protect ourselves from danger. For Mountain Bikers this often translates to pushing ourselves up into a high position on our bike, away Read More →
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By: Alanna Ketler Originally Published at CE / December 12, 2014 I’m sure most people have heard of the term “tree-hugger,” often a nickname given to people who care about the environment and the planet. But did you know that hugging trees can actually improve your health? As a matter of fact, you don’t even Read More →
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We love cycling and we still have days when it’s a struggle to hoist ourselves out of that chair and saddle up for a ride.  Motivation is the same for all of us: It waxes and wanes like the moon.  You just need a few little tricks to keep yours shining bright when it would Read More →
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One of the frequently asked questions we get about jumping has do do with why riders struggle with keeping their feet in contact with the pedals once airborne.   Below, is a email we received from Rich G., a recent Jumping Mini-clinic participant, and the response from one of our Lead Instructors, Aaron Lucy.   Please comment Read More →
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Ninja Mountain Bike Performance invites you to Ride Like A Ninja in the new Ninja Jr Development Program Are you looking for a way to stay fit and race ready through the summer season? Do you wish to challenge yourself, develop your skills and compete in the local XC racing events? Team Ninja is proud Read More →
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The manual is a useful skill for lofting  your front wheel over an obstacle.  Yes, lofting as opposed to lifting    Once you know how to manual you will start to see the trail completely differently. You’ll no longer have to ride over small trail obstacles, you’ll be able to effortlessly loft the front end at Read More →
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Our 2014 and 2015 Vail Lake and Big Bear Team Camps were incredible successes, not just in the areas of team bonding and skill development, but in the area of race results, too! Ninjas won the Cat 2/3 overall and our Pro/1 team took home 3rd overall!

So, in light of that—we’ve acquired another (bigger) team Big Bear Cabin for 2016! The cabin will serve as a home base for our team camp over Memorial Day Weekend as we prepare for the Kenda/US Cup races in Big Bear. (Besides, it’s another excuse to ride bikes and hang out with friends.)


Below, you’ll find our itinerary for the camp :

Day 1 (Friday)

  • Arrive in Big Bear
  • Team Dinner at the Cabin
  • Altitude Acclimation Breakdown (What to Expect and Why it’s Important)

Day 2 (Saturday)

  • Review Bike Setup (Tire choices, suspension, more).
  • Race Discussion / Brief Course Analysis
  • US Cup Course Pre-view with technical sessions as needed
  • Intermediate / Advanced skill review
  • Fueling / Nutrition Discussion
  • BBQ / Hangout at the Team Ninja Cabin

Day 3 (Sunday)

  • Big Bear US Cup Race Strategy – Detailed
  • Efficiency and Flow Review and Practice
  • Proper Line Choice
  • Fast Lap / Race Pace
  • Optional Extra Credit Riding
  • Team dinner in the Village

Day 4 (Monday)

  • Breakfast Discussion
  • ‘How To Go Faster’ Tip Review
  • Session / Master Tech Sections on US Cup Course
  • Fun Ride
  • Head Back Home


Arrive May 27, depart May 30 — Memorial Day Weekend


Team Ninja Members Only — Not a member yet? Join the Team, information is here.


Free (except for accommodations, food, transportation, etc.)



We’d love it if you’d stay at the new Team Ninja Cabin located at the base of Snow Summit Resort. An amazing location for pre-rides/course recon. Reserve your spot and learn all about our new digs here. ***check your Team Ninja email re: this subject for the password to view this page.

If the cabin is full or you’d like to explore other options — check out our offical host hotel: the Big Bear Chateau | Best Western. You can reach them at 909/866-6666, when you call ask for Sherry and tell her you are attending the Ninja Mountain Bike Camp. She’ll give you the lowest avaialble rate.


2016 is already shaping up to be Team Ninja’s Best Year Ever!  Not only do we have our largest and most diverse (in terms of age, gender, discipline, and experience) group of riders to date, but we also have two super talented groups of riders representing our Ambassador Program and Elite Team.  Both of these sub-groups of Team Ninja were chosen, after much deliberation, from a very deep talent pool of applicants. Thank you to all who applied, and congratulations to those accepted.

The following 6 riders were chosen for our 2016 Ambassador Program because they exude and exemplify everything “Team Ninja”. They are committed to cycling and encourage others to ride. They are active in their communities and bring about positive change. They are dedicated to our team and our sponsors and strive to make Team Ninja one of the best cycling teams in the US.



Nicco Salvador
Armando de Armas
Vincent Casino
Benjamin Wokcik
Calvin Lefebvre
Jeffrey Balmeo

The following 11  Pro / Cat 1 riders were chosen for our 2016 Elite Team because their years of racing and training have placed them in the upper echelon of mountain biking, and because they have aligned themselves with Team Ninja’s mission of giving back to the community and inspiring others to ride. team_ninja_elite_congrats

Elite Team

Courtney Cowan
Evan Christenson
Stephane Roche
Aaron Hauck
Tony Brand
Brandon Ewers
Paula Evenson
Regina Jeffries
Thomas Teger
Brent Burcham
Richard La China

Follow these riders on our team website and their personal social media sites to see what exciting things they’re up to this year.