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Aaron Hauck ISF2LABWe are pleased to announce that Aaron Hauck has joined Team Ninja as our Certified Bike Fit Expert.  Aaron joins us from San Diego Sports Medicine Peak Performance and is Owner/Operator of Inner Strength Fitt Labs Training Systems San Diego.  He is instrumental in his capacity as master bike fitter with San Diego Sports Medicine.  As owner/operator at Inner Strength Fitt Labs he, in addition to performing fits that earn him the reputation of an extremely skilled fitter,also is an exercise consultant helping those achieve their exercise/sport goals.  Aaron has years of education and certifications in conjunction with over 10 years of experience in the field of Exercise Physiology, Kinesiology and Bio-Mechanics that encompass a wide variety of training methods, modes, exercise selection, volume & frequency and periodization application. These skills are uniquely coupled with the tried and true WNPrecision philosophy which will help to enable you the rider to truly Be One With Your Bike!

aaron_hauckScientific, Uniquely Perfect, Real Results, Power

Results demonstrate any program’s worth!WN science was born from necessity of precision, to over rule misinterpretations! Real science, real R&D, experience and hard work helped developed the fit solution that most matches the physical configuration and needs of the cyclist. Our business is not based primarily on the art of selling, nor marketing sizzle, or making a product. WN’s quest is simple: unleash the unseen power in each rider. The human is viewed as an engine, the engine has many segments, we address the power of muscles shortening, the velocity of the muscles shortening.A comprehensive examination of each segment weight-bearing, semi-weight bearing, un-weighted permits “precise” measurement or evaluation of separate motions. This is not a “silver bullet” method that at best is only satisfactory, just acceptable. Precise understanding of (compression, shearing, tension) makes a difference!Science determines maximum power and comfort for the rider. Using precise data gained through joint-specific measurements via the WN Precision on-line software the application precisely replicates active weight-bearing real-time 3D movements used in the real world, verses a trainer or fitting jig. For example, if you lock the bike in a trainer you change the way the bike flexes, the way the muscles work under load. Instability then occurs from real world use, problems manifest themselves, muscles, tendons, ligaments become stressed.

The 3D solution is the perfect blend of the total human-linked-chain, the length tension of compartments of muscles, a total internal interface of unseen joint-specific needs – not seen by eye, video, or leds, or adjustment jigs – including cleat placement, comfort, allowing you to perform more precise pedal strokes. If you can hit every pedal stroke perfectly, which our system puts you in the position to do, you improve. Truth verses ego, the nervous system isn’t capable of detailed rational understanding of its own joint-specific complexity. Just having a person to move here or there is not the answer, just like asking them how does that feel!Aaron Hauck - Riding at the Balboa Park (02 of 4)

Next to the use of a MRI, this is the most accurate measurement process of joint-specific weight-beraring marks yet developed. This precise understanding comes from years of R&D (e.g. CAD, nano IMU senors solutions, lasers, force plates, sEMG, Dartfish video, Tekscan F-Scan mapping, wind-tunnels and much time). What prompts such fanatic attention? Truth! When we claim we have the best bike fit solution known we can say so with absolute confidence.

WN continues to fit many of the world’s most recognized cyclists in (Tri, Road, MTB, XC, CX, Track, etc…) Our record spans 13 years and thousands & thousands of data!

WN 2013 & History: Sho-Air/Cannondale Pro MTB 2013. 2013 Amanda Carey 2X Trans-Sylvania. 2013 USA Road Nats Champ WN “Fast Freddie” Rodriguez. 2013 Sue Butler USA Nat. & World CX Champ. Then the list gets longer. Exergy Men’s road, Shonny Vanlandingham XETRRA World. Georgia Gould muti XC & USGP USA Champ, Matt Perkins (single leg) 5 time World Tri, Amanda Carey USA NUE Champ, Jenn Halladay USA TT Champ, Ben Sonntag – La Ruta, Alex Grant, Jeff Kerkove US XCSC Champ, BMC racer Brent Bookwalter, Jeff Louder, Kate Bevilaqua Australia Ironman Champ, John Forbes USA Track Champ, Pua Mata Nat. Champ, Kris Walker CX USA Champ 7X Stars & Strips, Jeremiah Bishop, etc… More important, WN’ers in our data base, in all shapes, sizes and age.

The racer make gains and ride better because we take the time to teach them, show them real science. WN solutions have helped thousands ride with more power, improved efficiency and comfort. That same level of details the pro gets is provided to everyone who uses the system.

You be the judge!


NO deposit required, Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed, One month warranty included. (FREE fit/adjustments w/ original installed fitted parts, overview of functional exercises/stretches review.) Excludes, parts and accessories.

Please allow 2-3hrs (Standard fitting), 2-4hrs Specialty fittings, i.e. MTB-(full suspension), TT and Tri’s. and/or special needs etc.)

*All fittings include Pedal coaching, functional exercises/stretches (On and/or Off the bike)
** Additional parts, accessories (Taxable) and special needs are ALL extra to the fittings.
*** All prices are subject to change w/o notice. Every fit will be charged accordingly. One month warranty included.-( FREE fit/adjustments w/ original installed fitted parts, overview of functional exercises/stretches review.)

Prices (before Team Ninja discount).
$325. (Standard fittings, MTB (hard tails), Road and Cruisers)
$375. (MTB full suspensions, TT , Tri’s and Mobile fittings, 5-10 miles from my home location)
$425. (Mobile fittings, 10+ miles from my home location,)

Customer satisfaction Guaranteed!


Pre Purchase Sizing Analysis:

Determines proper size and style of bike which will best fit your style of riding and physical attributes

Analysis includes:
• Cyclist interview to determine type and style of riding, objectives
• Flexibility and range of motion of lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine
• On bike assessment to determine the proper size and style of bike
Cost: $95.00 (The $95.00 can be applied towards the two fit options above after bike purchase)
Time allotment: Allow 45 to 60 minutes for this appointment

You can book an appointment with Aaron directly by submitting the following form..

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