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Congratulations! We did it! We repeated our successes from last year and **WON** the XC/Endurance Co-ed Cat 2/3 Team Overall Award, and placed 3rd Overall in the XC/Endurance Co-ed Pro/Cat1 Team category.

Doing this was no small feat, as we had stiff competition from the super-talented teams of Triple Threat, Veloz, and Bear Valley Bikes. (Congratulations to everyone on those teams, too. You made us ride to a higher level. Can’t wait to see what next year brings.) Additionally, this year the series came complete with unusually bad weather (think: the mud and rain at Vail  Lake and the heat at Bonelli and Santa Ynez) and a super-compact schedule where it seemed like we were racing nearly every weekend from Feb-April. So bravo to us for making it through it all!

As you can see from the list of results below, winning these awards was not a solo enterprise—it takes a village…er…team! We had over 40 members do one or more races in this series, which is huge deal! I think we were one of the largest teams out there. Words can’t describe how proud (and honored) I was to see so many Ninja jerseys. After all, our team is only in it’s second year, and we have grown from a small group of “Tuesday Night Workout” enthusiasts, to a multi-city, multi-discipline, legitimate, bona fide team.

In addition to the congratulatory praise, I also want to extend an even larger “Thank you” to everyone on the team, the friends and family members that provided support at the races, and especially, our sponsors. The phrase, “None of this would be possible without you” may be cliche, but it definitely applies here. Without team members, we would have no team, no jerseys, and no EZ-Ups. Without the support of friends and family members at races, we wouldn’t have perfected the art of the water bottle hand-off or the pre-race whisky shot, and we certainly wouldn’t have had Facebook ‘Cover Photo’ quality photos of us shredding on course. And without our sponsors, we might have well have been a XC running team, because we wouldn’t have had jerseys, socks, bikes, helmets, sunglasses, mtb shoes, mechanical support, electrolyte mix, tires, chain lube, and bike parts. So, I’ll say it again, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Lastly, I want to give a special shout-out to our Enduro “Special Team”. In the first year of it’s existence, we had team members that podiumed at every race they did, and came out in the top spots for the Overall awards. Congratulations ladies (and gentlemen)! Good luck at the Enduro World Series!

Congrats again — hope to see lots of you at Rim Nordic this season.  Our first XC race and Enduro race #3 are this weekend (

Thank you sponsors for making this possible:  Big thanks to Zumwalts Bicycle Center, ZOCA Gear, WD-40 BIKE, SockGuy, Rehab United, ‪#‎ISFittLabs‬ Rudy Project, Rising Sun Mortgage & Realty, PowerBar, Loaded Precision Products, Schwalbe tires (official), Specialized Bicycles, True North Communications, BasicLink and of course… Ninja Mountain Bike Skills.


15-uscup-260x260Here are our team results from the Kenda Cup this season:

Marcus Weigle Cat 2 M 35-39 1st, 1st in Series Overall
Doug Stewart Cat 2 M 65+ 1st, 1st in Series Overall
Ken Gibson Cat 3 M 55-59 1st, 1st in Series Overall
Catherine Hinton Cat 2 W 40-49 1st, 1st in Series Overall
Courtney Cowan Cat 2 W 30-39 1st, 2nd in Series Overall
Anne-Catherine Roch-Levecq Cat 3 W 50+ 1st, 2nd in Series Overall
Christopher Weigle Cat 2 M 14&U 2nd, 2nd in Series Overall
Jim Watson Cat 3 M 60-64 2nd, 2nd in Series Overall
Bjorn Adams Cat 3 M 40-44 2nd, 11th in Series Overall
Todd Young Cat 3 M Clydes 35+ 5th, 5th in Series Overall
Advert Ogale Cat 2 M 30-34 6th, 5th in Series Overall
Brad Wise Cat 3 M 40-44 8th, 6th in Series Overall
Darryl Sykes Cat 1 M 3rd in Series Overall
Rhonda Geiszler Cat 1 W 50+ 3rd in Series Overall
Karen Bauer Cat 3 W 50+ 3rd in Series Overall
Patrick Silva Cat 3 M 50-54 5th in Series Overall
Shelly Rolandson Cat 1 W 30-39 5th in Series Overall
Vincent Casiano Cat 3 M 55-59 6th in Series Overall
Tracey Lewis Cat 3 W 30-39 6th in Series Overall
Ben Ulfers Cat 3 M 30-34 7th in Series Overall
Benjamin Wendorf Cat 2 M 35-39 9th in Series Overall
Jim Ritch Cat 3 M 50-54 9th in Series Overall
Kris Gross Pro W 10th in Series Overall
Paula Evenson Cat 2 W 30-39 10th Overall
John Bayliss Cat 3 M Clydes 35+ 12th in Series Overall
Arianna Jones Cat 3 W 30-39 12th in Series Overall
Dylan Tucker JR MEN 11-12 12th in Series Overall
Michael Henry Cat 2 M 35-39 15th in Series Overall
Mark Tucker Cat 2 M 50-54 15th in Series Overall
Eric Knowles Cat 2 M 55-59 19th in Series Overall
Darrell Styner Cat 3 M 50-54 20th in Series Overall
Paul Gamache Cat 3 M Clydes 35+ 20th in Series Overall
Daniel Bergstrom Cat 2 M 35-39 22nd in Series Overall
Tom Jones Cat 2 M 45-49 29th in Series Overall
Phil Moses Cat 2 M 40-44 42nd in Series Overall
Derek Couse Cat 2 M 40-44 45th in Series Overall

Rhonda Geiszler W 40+ 2nd, 1st in Series Overall
Aaron Hauck M SS 2nd, 2nd in Series Overall
Darryl Sykes, M 30-39 2nd, 2nd in Series Overall
Stephane Roch, Pro M 4th, 4th in Series Overall
Michael Henry M 30-39 8th, 5th in Series Overall
Vincent Casiano M 50-59 10th, 12th in Series Overall
Derek Couse M 40-49  19th, 29th in Series Overall
James Vo M 40-49 33rd in Series Overall
Armando de Armas M 50-59 7th in Series Overall
Cheryl Parrish W 40+ 8th in Series Overall

Enduro (Series Standings)
Siobhan Shaffer 1st
Shelly Rolandson 2nd
Paula Evenson 3rd
Regina Jefferies 4th
Randy Inglis 13th
Mark Tucker 20th
Phil Moses 28th