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Team Ninja is thrilled to announce the addition of an exceptional new teammate. Already an outgoing member of her community of riders in Los Angeles —especially women—she’s agreed to take on additional responsibilities to help welcome even more female racers (and race-curious) to the team.

karen01Please join us in welcoming Karen Bauer!

Karen has a serious case of bike love, and it’s contagious. Team Ninja is proud to combine the support and camaraderie we’ve cultivated with Karen’s drive to introduce more women to racing. “I would love to encourage women, girls, and roadies to try racing mountain bikes,” she says. “Get out of the city and into the mountains; whenever I conquer a fear on my bike, or successfully ride through a tough section, I bring that feeling to my everyday life when things get challenging.”

We love Karen’s spirit and she joins the nearly 20 women already registered for Team Ninja’s 2015 season. She’ll be leading pre-rides at the L.A. area races, organizing group rides, and available to answer any questions you might have thanks to her many years’ experience riding, and the past five years’ racing. With her leadership, we look forward to welcoming even more racers. You can sign up by visiting the team’s site,

Team Ninja is a welcoming group of like-minded cyclist working together to support each other and achieve our goals while giving back to the community and inspiring others to ride. What does ‘like-minded’ mean? It’s about upholding the spirit of mountain biking; being fitter, faster, stronger; helping the mountain biking community and ensuring the future of the sport with volunteering. Learn more at

 Fun fact about Karen: Did you know? She’s one of the talented people who have helped bring The Simpson’s to your TV screen for over 25 years!