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Greetings Current and Prospective Team Ninjas Members!2013-10-29 10.47.37 am

We hope your base miles are underway or that you’re enjoying CX season and Ninja Night Races! We wanted to interrupt your regularly scheduled Ninja-ing to discuss topics outlined in the agenda below. Meeting will be November 21, 2013, 6pm at Lefty’s in Mission Hills.

Please RSVP (here) for the meeting so we know how many are coming — and let us know how many guests you are bringing.

Meeting Agenda

1)  Team introduction to new members and prospective members.

• What we’ve accomplished so far as a team.

• Upcoming community events.Upcoming races (Ninja Night Race, Quick and Dirty, Racers and Chasers).

• Team Ninja jersey distribution.

• Team equipment update (tables, water coolers, tent, flags, more)

• Sponsor review (current, new, prospective).

• Group email list.

2)  Team Orders:

• Rudy Project – Please have your wish list ready to go!

• Check out the “Members Only” section of for more details. Team Ninja bib shorts – Please be ready with your size and quantity.

• Socks – how many pair would you like to order?

3)  Discussion on team structure, infrastructure and organization

4)  Short presentation on the “Advanced Health Directive” available through Casiano Law (If you’re interested in a AHD, plan on staying after the meeting to get things rolling with Vinny).

But wait, there’s more! We’d like to share some information that is strictly Ninjas only:

1)  Member’s Only:  Login is ******* and password is ******* (will give out at the meeting).  Go to and key it in to get more team info and learn how to access sponsors’ offers.

2)  Team Ninja deadline: For USAC registration and for our sponsors’ information we need to lock in our official team roster. If you have friends who are interested in joining the team, please let them know the deadline is December 15, 2013.

Team Ninja is open to everyone, no matter what level rider or cycling discipline.   You just need to ride a bike!

If you’d like to learn more, join us at the meeting.  And if you know someone who might want to join the team, BRING ‘EM too!

3)  Rider bios: Thanks to all members who responded.  If you haven’t already sent yours, please send them over ASAP. Also, we’d include a couple more questions as suggested by some members. The updated Q list is below — have fun with it!

Thanks for reading, thanks for riding, and we’ll see you at the meeting on November 21.


Rider Bio Questionnaire:

a.   Provide all of the following information:
i.   Name
ii.   Primary discipline
iii.   Birthday
iv.   Hometown
b.   Choose three from the following:
i.   Nickname
ii.   Special talent
iii.   Fav food
iv.   Fav music
v.   Philosophy on life
vi.   Most important person
vii.   Movie quote
Next, we’d like to add:
a.   Instagram?
b.   Twitter?
c.   Strava?
d.   Any other social channels?
e.   Favorite Trail/Ride?
f.   What do you ride?

Also, please include 1 or 2 photos of you riding!




We had a FANTASTIC afternoon for IMBA’s annual Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day. Thanks to all the kids who came out to try the skinnies, practice their feed zone technique, work on their cornering and perfect their Ninja Positions! We loved riding with you! Special thanks to the parents who helped us make the event run smoothly and for taking a kid mountain biking today, and every day. San_Diego_Mountain_Skills_IMBA_Bike_Rodeo_Ride_Like_A_Ninja_6

But we could not have done it without the help of the TEAM NINJA volunteers who stepped up to make the day a big success.

Thanks to Axel Niedergesaess for bring a sweet tool box and really owning his job as head mechanic. I think those bikes all left working better than new, and we had no mechanicals all afternoon!

Thanks to Jeff Meyer for helping to coach some brave boys and girls over our ramps and skinnies, working on their ninja position and cheering them on.

San_Diego_Mountain_Skills_IMBA_Bike_Rodeo_Ride_Like_A_Ninja_11Thanks to Dan Golich who was one of the first to respond to our call with almost everything from our list that we needed to run the afternoon.

And thanks to honorary Ninja, Gerhard Gross for volunteering to snap these photos and for contributing a box of BMX magazines for the kids to test their paper-boy skills with, and then take home.

It is super inspiring to see how our team is already stepping up to the plate and committing to our community service mission only a few weeks in. The best part? It’s hard to tell who had more fun — the kids who we’re sure fell asleep almost as soon as they got buckled up, or us, Team Ninja — the kids at heart.

Thanks to these great volunteers and the spirit of our amazing community, we were able to stoke out the next generation of riders, meet some of their awesome parents, and raise a little money for the Monarch School as well. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Thanks again — hope you enjoy some photos from the event.

Richard La China and Kristen Gross

We’re taking part in IMBA’s Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day by offering a free “skills rodeo” in Balboa Park this Saturday, October 5.ann337_042513_ai_tif_

We have lots of excited kids on the way and a fun afternoon planned. But to make the event a success, we need your help. Come give back in the community, get kids stoked on bikes and help us raise some money for the Monarch School of San Diego.

We are looking for at least 12 volunteers to help at our skills stations, check bikes for safety (we especially need a mechanically-minded person for that job) and to get each rider set up with a number plate and a name tag.

We also have a list of items we need help to track down:
–       2 2×6 boards
–       A ramp (please let us know if you have one, or if you’re into building things and we’ll give you the specifics)
–       12-15 Traffic cones
–       5-7 Rolled up newspapers
–       Donation Jar/Box
–       Name Tags
–       Sharpies

The rodeo begins at 1pm at the San Diego Velodrome in Balboa Park. We’d hope to see you there by 12:30 at the latest so we can fill you in before we get started. We hope to be all done by 4pm. Please let us know how you can help as soon as possible.

Here’s the link to the event.. Kids Rodeo Information


Richard La China and Kristen Gross