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Team Ninja 2014 Jersey

Thanks to everyone who came out to Lefty’s in Mission Hills for pizza, beer, and the launch of our new mountain bike team. Team Ninja has grown up naturally because of the amazing community of riders that come out to Tuesday night workouts, skills clinics and group rides. It’s a team for us, by us and we’re excited to see it coming to life.

It was amazing to see so many members – now 23 strong – sign up on the spot to take on our mission and race bikes together. Here’s what it means to be on Team Ninja:

  • Support at races and in training through group workouts and discounts on coaching
  • Sponsorship by some of the best suppliers in the industry
  • A Team Ninja race jersey included with your membership fees
  • The chance to be part of a team that believes in giving back and growing our sport.

As we settle into the base-training months, knowing we have a team to represent come race season is a great motivation we hope everyone will use to push a little more, go a little harder and grow a little stronger.

Team Ninja is run entirely on a volunteer basis and meets regularly in various locations for weekly group rides (road and mtn bike) as well as quarterly meetings and special events. For more information on the club, email us here and if you’d like to join the team click here!

Balboa Park Mountain Bike TT Results | 09-24-2013

Congrats to Dan Bergstrom for the most improvement on his PR — he wins the Helmet!

Also, props to Michael Asgian, Manuel, Michael Henry, Vinny and Beatrice Dormoy on their PRs — well done!

And a new course record has been set by Stephane Roche — amazing TT!

Place Rider Name Seed Order TT PR Improved
1 Stephane Roche 1 0:23:00
2 Michael Henry 4 0:24:50 0:26:17 0:01:27
3 Ryan Brown 3 0:25:20 0:25:14
4 Ben Raymond 6 0:26:01
5 Michael Asgian 23 0:26:10 0:26:53 0:00:43
6 Todd Young 7 0:26:25 0:27:38
7 Lisa Hauck 17 0:26:42
8 Dan Bergstrom 19 0:26:50 0:28:48 0:01:58
9 Jim Ritch 12 0:27:00
10 Patrick Higens 11 0:27:30
11 Bea Dormoy 8 0:28:01 0:28:20 0:00:19
12 Doug Stewart 9 0:28:12 0:28:31
13 Manuel 25 0:28:42 0:29:09 0:00:27
14 Darrell Styner 22 0:29:29
15 Advait 14 0:29:53 0:28:41
16 Jimmy Tu 5 0:30:24 0:30:00
17 Brad Wilton 16 0:31:02
18 Arnel 13 0:31:32
19 Vinny Casiano 27 0:32:41 0:33:42 0:01:01
20 Karl Graff 26 0:33:28
21 Michael Whitehurst 15 0:33:57
22 Anne-Catherine 18 0:36:34
23 Jesus Santana 24 0:37:29
24 Calvin Gipson 20 0:38:20
25 Aaron Hauck 2 DNF 0:25:54
26 Kushan Peykarian 10 DNF 0:31:04
27 Richard Lai Fatt 21 DNF

ANNOUNCEMENT  Ninja Mountain Bike Race Team

You already train together. You suffer up Z-climb repeats together. You do standing Pershings together. You all face “The Wall” together. You already cheer each other on at the monthly TT/Fitness Tests…2013-07-31 10.42.00 pm

And now, we’re making it so you can race together…

Yes, that’s right! You asked for it and we are making it happen: San Diego Mountain Bike Skills is creating the “Ride Like a Ninja” MTB Team for the 2014 season.

What does it mean to be on the Ride Like a Ninja MTB team?

– Spirit of mountain biking; being fitter, faster, stronger; helping the MTB community and ensuring the future of the sport with volunteering
– Coached workouts
– Race support
– Sponsorship and sponsor discounts
– Discounts on skills essions
– Race Kits
– MTB Camps
– Discounts on Coaching

Haven’t participated in the Tuesday Night Workouts and don’t know what the Z-climb is? That’s ok! The Ride Like a Ninja MTB team is open to everyone, regardless of skill level (and familiarity with said Z-climb). The only requirement is a shared commitment to the mission of the team.

More information about joining the Ride Like a Ninja Team will be coming soon.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or would like to be a sponsor of the team, please reply to this email or contact us HERE.